Every Californian should be able to afford a home.

But abusive special interest lawsuits, and extortionate fees and charges are getting in the way.

California has the highest housing costs and lowest home ownership in America.

Over a million homes approved for construction have been blocked through lawsuits filed by special interests and wealthy individuals abusing the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

So-called “Impact Fees” can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to the cost of building homes in California.

The politicians are not doing enough to solve our Housing Crisis. It’s time to take it to the people! That’s why we have filed a Ballot Initiative for the election of November 2024 that would end CEQA lawsuit abuse and cap Impact Fees at a reasonable level.

The California Home Ownership Affordability Act would restore the California Dream of homeownership for all, advance opportunity, and help close the racial wealth gap.

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What is Californians for Homeownership?

A new measure that could help all Californians afford their home.

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